Why is wearable technology important?

So the first thing I can imagine some people think when they see new gadgets like Smartwatches and Google Glass is “Oh my, just another devices that gives me notifications and information overload”. Now for some part that might hold true, but like with most revolutionary technology, if people use it responsibly, they can be of tremendous benefit.

Today’s desktop computers have for years given people problems with their back and neck, although recent studies indicate that the health problems people get from prolonged sitting are much severe than previously thought as seen in this article.

Luckily, the solutions seem to be just around the corner. The wearables are emerging. Soon we’ll see screens that follow us around (Google Glass), conveying necessary information to us, while wearable input devices such as the Myo (from Thalmic Labs) could be used to interact with a mobile device in an unrestrained manner.

I can imagine a future were we can work anywhere, collaborating with people; seeing things from their point of view, read books in a straight up posture (even while walking) and feeling good while doing meaningful work.